Manitoba’s Youth in Care Network was started in 1995. After a bit of ‘placement bouncing’, Voices was brought under the stewardship of BGC Winnipeg in January, 1998. We will be celebrating our 30th birthday in 2025!

The program currently has three full-time staff positions, with summer positions offered to young people in and from care whenever there is funding available. Our advisory committee is made up of alumni of care, child welfare professionals, and community partners. The network is active in community awareness, youth outreach, advocacy and networking.

Our Mission

Through youth driven community awareness and advocacy, Voices: Manitoba’s Youth in Care Network is committed to empowering and supporting youth in and from care.

Community Awareness

We educate the public on issues facing youth in care in Manitoba .

Outreach & Support

We meet with youth people who have recently come into care to offer support, understanding and friendship. Entering care can be scary, stressful and confusing, and we believe that it is beneficial to have someone, who has already been through it, there to answer questions and offer support.

The goals of our outreach programs are

  • to make the transition into care easier
  • to share personal experiences about being in care
  • to answer questions about being in care
  • to provide support and resources
  • to help normalize their new situation of coming into care
  • to be a positive role model


We represent the youth perspective on how youth feel about the foster care system. We also work with youth to ensure that their voices and opinions are heard in decisions about their future.


We network with other agencies to improve the care of youth. The network was actively involved in the current re-organization of Winnipeg Child and Family Services.