Equip: To make ready (To live a full, happy, satisfying LIFE!)
Engage: To hold the attention and induce the participation of youth!
Empower: To promote the self-actualization or influence of youth!

What does this really mean?? Voices! Manitoba’s Youth In Care Network is here to help you reach your full potential!

Mandate: an authorization to act given to a representative (ie. the government gives a mandate to child welfare agencies)

Government: the organization, machinery, or agency through which a political unit exercises authority and performs functions and which is usually classified according to the distribution of power within it, the continuous exercise of authority over and the performance of functions for a political unit

Child Welfare: the state of doing well especially in respect to good fortune, happiness, well-being, or prosperity for children and young people

Goal: the end toward which effort is directed

Respect: an act of giving particular attention in high or special regard

Inclusion: a relation between two classes that exists when all members of the first are also members of the second

Belonging: to be attached or bound by birth, allegiance, or dependency, to be a member of a club, organization, or set

Awareness: having or showing realization, perception, or knowledge

Responsibility: able to answer for one’s conduct and obligations, able to choose for oneself between right and wrong

Devolution: transference (as of rights, powers, property, or responsibility) to another ; especially : the surrender of powers to local authorities by a central government

Extension: an increase in length of time; specifically: an increase in time allowed under agreement or concession

Hefty Sack aka garbage bag: many youth while in care use this as a form of traveling luggage

Apprehend: to be taken away from somewhere or someone

* Definitions all used from Webster’s Dictionary online*
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