The Ability to Dream

The Ability to Dream

The Ability to Dream

‘Vision’ is the way we see the world around us, looking beyond our present circumstances to find the courage to do what it takes to make our hopes come to life.

Take a minute to consider your ‘vision’ by using these 3-A’s: Awareness, Attitude and Action.

To help your dreams become reality, stay AWARE of your present circumstances. For better or worse, this is where you are right now. Take stock of the good things you have in your life, and use all of the bad things to your advantage.

Be willing to take ACTION. Work hard. Ask lots of questions. Know your rights and stay safe. If you take the time today to think about where you want to be next week, next month or next year, even after you graduate, you will be more focused and your hard work will keep you headed in the direction you want.

Most importantly, maintain a positive ATTITUDE, because no matter how hard you work, your attitude will make you or break you. Have you heard of superstars who no one likes to work with because they make everyone feel bad? Did you ever get a low mark on your report card, but your teacher wrote “has a positive attitude” in the comments? Your attitude will carry you further than you can imagine.

It is very important that you never lose the ability to dream, because once you do, you condemn yourself to an empty and lonely future. I cry every time I read or hear stories of young people who end their lives because they’ve lost their ability to dream, to see beyond the not-so-pleasant reality that needs to be lived-through today.

When challenges in your life get too heavy for you to carry, don’t give up! Find someone you trust to talk to. Find someone who cares about you to give you a hug and let you relax. Whatever you do, do not lose your ability to dream.

-Marie Christian