The Voices Advisory Committee meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month, from September to June, providing advice and direction to Voices staff and practicum students, as well as sharing information about the youth in care network in their workplaces and communities and providing support at Voices’ events.

The Advisory Committee is made up of youth-in-care, alumni, child welfare professionals, and members of the community.

2015-2016 Advisory Committee

Ron Brown, Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg
Drew Grawberger, Youth Representative
Cathy Hudek, Office of the Children’s Advocate
Rob Humniski, Winnipeg Child and Family Services
Felicia Johnston, Southern Child and Family Services Authority
Alexis Martin, Alumni Representative
Diane Parris, Red River College- Child and Youth Care
Carolyn Parsons, Office of the Children’s Advocate
Candace Sutherland, Northern Child and Family Services Authority
Bobbie Whiteman, Child Protection Branch

We welcome participation from youth-in-care, ages 14-18 on the Advisory Committee! Please call Marie at 204-982-4956 or email for more information.