Marie Christian, Program Director

Jainna Cabral, Program Coordinator
JainnaHi There! My Name is Jainna Cabral and I am truly honored to be your new Program Coordinator here at Voices.

I was first connected to our Network in the 90s after I tried to lead a youth revolution in my group home. I know from firsthand experience how challenging it can be to feel heard and truly supported while living in care. I also clearly remember how much more challenging life gets when we are forced to transition out of care without support.

I was fortunate to have found great supports that mentored and molded me into a youth empowerment leader and connected me with educational opportunities that led to my personal and professional development. The best way I can truly express my gratitude to those who led me, pushed me, nudged me along the way in my journey is to do the same and pass on the tools that were passed on to me.I am really excited to engage with youth in and from care in Manitoba, and look forward to bringing the current issues to the tables of government, policy makers, and care givers to assist in making more positive changes in the system and enhancing the quality of care and post-care
services. Together we can do it better.

Sarah Rowntree, Outreach Worker
SarahHello! I’m Sarah and I am a former youth in care, and I’ve lived in many parts of the city, but I grew up in St. Vital. When I was about 16, a group home worker changed my life, and changed my view on how my life could go. My hope is that I can also help change the way you may view your life, and help you achieve your goals and realize your dreams, however big or small they seem.

My position as the Outreach Worker is to be an advocate when you need one, give you advice or help you connect to resources when you need them, and be part of your support network, if you want me to be. I’m in the office Monday thru Friday from 10:00-6:00pm. I consider it an incredible opportunity to work with youth in and from care, and also my co-workers. I have lots to learn, but I love working here, and hope to meet more young people soon!

Vince Fontaine, Administrative Assistant
VinceHi all! My name is Vince Fontaine and I am now the Voices new PT Administrative Assistant. I grew up in Clear Lake, Manitoba before moving to Winnipeg. I attended Grant Park High School and later completed the Academy of Broadcasting Television and Radio Production program. I worked for West Region Child and Family Services as a Case Aide Worker providing services for Youth in Care. I completed the National Screen Institute’s New Voices program in 2015. This is an Aboriginal based program that teaches and prepares emerging Indigenous artists to succeed in the film industry. I love nature, animals and my two pet chinchillas, Delta and Skull. I’m in the office every day 8:30am – 12:30pm, if you need any information on events just call! If you have poems or art for our site or newsletter, I’d love to hear from you. Along with my team, I hope to make a difference in the lives of Youth in and from care.

Dustin Rodgers, System Kidz Producer