What is Voices! Manitoba’s Youth In Care Network?
Voices is a network for youth in and from care, where you can network and connect with other youth who understand what is like to be in care.

Can I be a member? How do I do that?
Yes. All youth in and from care are welcome to participate in Voices activities & projects.

Are activities free?
Yes. The only thing with a registration fee is our Network Retreat, but we ask your agency to cover that cost. Sometimes we fundraise to go on trips.

Can Voices help me find a place to live?
We can help you search and prepare you with questions for your potential landlord.

Can Voices help me find a job?
We can give you advice on your resume. We can provide you with photocopier, computer, fax and telephone.  Also provide you bus tickets to get you out there.

Does Voices work with the Children’s Advocate office?
Yes we partner with the OCA to engage youth in their office. We refer youth to them when they need professional advocates. The OCA is a long time supporter of Voices: Manitoba’s Youth in Care Network.

What are some of the activities Voices members participate in?
M.A.S.S.I.V.E, System Kidz Radio Show, Leadership Team & Retreats, Voices Scholarship Program, Free Hug Day, Diva Day, Proud Papa Day Voices ROx, and Youth Speak Out presentations.

Where is the Voices office located?
3rd floor, 61 Juno Street. Winnipeg, MB R3A 1T1