Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

* Employees of the VOICES! Manitoba’s Youth In Care Network program (Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg) shall protect the confidentiality of all information acquired from the members of any other person who recieves services regarding the member and the member’s family during their employment with the Voices program

* Staff are obligated to safeguard information about the participants

* Any information shared is done only with others involved professionally with the participants and is done in a manner consistent with ethical and professional practice and only when it serves the best interest of the participant, or is required to protect the well being or safety of others, or as required by law

* The employee may disclose confidential information to other employees of the Voices program who, by virtue of their responsibilities, have an identified need to know as determined by the employee and in consultation with their supervisor

* From time to time during the course of employment, personnel will be in possession of knowledge such as the disclosure of abuse, facts pertaining to the commission of a crime or a statement of intent to commit a crime, which they are required by law to report. When it is required by law to report such information, the employee shall explain to the program participant the consequences of disclosing activity which may be illegal;

  1. refusing to provide the requested information (ie. to not report illegal activity to the proper authorities, puts personnel in contravention of the law)
  2. personnel must explain to club or program participants that they are obligated to report illegal behaviour to their supervisor and to the police

* The obligation to maintain confidentiality continues indefinitely after the employee has ceased contact with program members or has ceased employment with the Voices program (Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg)