Free Hug Day

Free Hug Day

 Please read. Please Share. Please do what you can.

Join in the hug-revolution!  Choose a busy corner, wear a brightly coloured t-shirt or carry a big sign, and offer a hug, high five, or fist bump.  Everyone deserves positive touch, even and especially youth in and from care!

Voices Free Hug Day was initiated by the youth Leadership Team in 2010 to promote the importance of making life-long connections and building caring, supportive relationships with kids who are in care (CFS/Foster Care/Group Care).

Following another suicide of a close friend and young person from care in 2011, Steve de Groot of Getting to Better made a commitment to help VOICES reach more people with their important message and vital work.

Since 2012, Getting to BetterLife Vest InsideSee Beautiful™ and a whole bunch of amazing people from all over the world have joined up to support VOICES: Manitoba’s Youth in Care Network’s Free Hug Day.

You can help too!

VOICES Free Hug Day is easy, fun and feels so GOOD! There are many things that you can do that range from simple and easy, to things that take a little more effort. There is something for everybody.

How YOU can HELP:

  1. Visit the Voices Free Hug Day page on Facebook and click on “LIKE” – it’s a virtual HUG.  Add your friends too!
  2. Wherever you are on Voices Free Hug Day, give someone a HUG and remind them that kids in care need hugs too!  Take a picture and upload it on the FHD page!
  3. Paint a t-shirt or a sign and hand out hugs! Let us know where you are and we’ll add you to growing list of supporters from around the world.
  4. Share the annual brochure that explains the need for lifelong connections and positive touch in the lives of youth in care.
  5. Learn about the important work of Voices: Manitoba’s Youth in Care Network and the other youth-in-care networks across Canada!